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It has been evident to me since I was in about seventh grade, that I love writing and it is a talent I have been blessed with . It wasn't until I reached the ripe old age of 28 though, that I realized God had a much bigger plan for the gift he had given me.

Through blogging on MySpace, I was able to reach not only those that I knew in my own life, but also complete strangers and was amazed at how just my "ramblings" had helped so many people to be inspired, encouraged, or just to think about things in a new way.

From there, it grew into an inspirational column in The Charlotte Observer, then a religious news column in The Statesville Record & Landmark, a speaking engagment for a women's church group and now, a gig as a religion news freelance writer for The Charlotte Observer.

The writing that is closest to my heart though is not the news reporting, but the words that come from my soul - the words that I know God puts there not only to help me to understand life better, but also those around me.

I hope you feel encouraged, enlightened and inspired but what you read here and of course, I look forward to hearing back from you too!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Repairvite Update #1

So today is Day #9 of the diet .  I can't say there's a whole heckuva lot to report so far.  But I'm sure it takes a lot longer than 9 days for things to start changing for the better.

One thing I have noticed is my fatigue/tiredness seems to be even worse, if possible.  I can barely get moving in the morning when I wake up, I feel completely EXHAUSTED and it takes a couple hours for that lead-weight feeling to wear off.  I'm thinking that might be because I haven't mastered the art of keeping my blood sugar level on this diet though.  Not sure.  Good thing for me that I have a job with flexible hours. 

On the good side, I have noticed less "gurgliness" on a day to day basis.  There's been a couple nights where my stomach felt a little grumbley after dinner but not nearly like what I was used to on a daily basis before this diet.

As for the pain in my side, unfortunately that's still there and is still as sporadic as usual.  Interestingly, my urologist (for the ridiculous # of pee trips I take) said the pain MAY be associated with the IC (interstitial cystitis).  So who knows maybe he'll be able to help with the mystery pain. 

Speaking of Dr. P... I had an exploratory procedure this morning and had to take a valium for it so I'd be relaxed.  If you've never taken a valium, holy shnikes, that's some pill.  They tell you not to drive but I made the mistake of running one more errand after I picked up and took said pill.  Whoa!  That was an interesting trip back to my house. 

Anyhoo... it wasn't anything too terribly bad and basically he just ended up saying he's pretty sure it's IC and prescribed a pill to take.  Now even though I've been pretty anti-medication lately, I figure I will give this one a try because it actually is supposed to fix the actual problem and not just put a band-aid on the symptoms.  Course, the two possible side effects are stomach upset - yea, like I don't have enough issues with that, and possible hair thinning - um, no.  I already feel like my hair is thinner from all this stuff that's been going on with me this past year (my stylist thinks I'm imagining it) but you bet your butt I will have a close eye on the hairbrush!

Right now my stomach is not too happy with me, but since it's actually been better since I've on this diet, I'm thinking it's probably the antibiotic they made me take after the procedure.  See why I don't like medicine?  So I'm not going to jump to any conclusions just yet.

On the food front... I have become quite a fan of avacados, flavored olive oils and sea salt.  I made a good meal tonight - italian vegetables with artichoke hearts.  Yum!  And the other night, made a rosemary chuck roast in the crock pot.  YUM!  Both were recipes I got off of a menu planner from this website I happened upon last week called Heart of Cooking (http://allergyfreemenuplanners.com/).  Such an awesome site!  And talk about weird, she lives in Frederick, my hometown!

Welp that's it for now, I'm still kinda sleepy so it's lights out for me.  Hopefully this new medication won't mess things up and the diet will keep doing what it's supposed to do!  In the meantime, I will continue to dream of cinnamon toast, red velvet cupcakes and fro yo.

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  1. Stumbled across this months later, so you may already know, but the bad feeling could have been caused by 2 things...yeast die-off if you were restricting sugars and carbs (yeast release poisons as they die) and there could have been things in your gut that were being cleaned out....but once disturbed, kicked up a lot of toxins in the process.